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I was impressed with Don's ability to organise a complex and technical subject-matter of my book into a coherent, well-structured, and accessible index. It was easy to communicate with Don and he readily adjusted to any requests. The project was completed in a timely manner, and it was such a pleasure to work with Don. Ivana Damjanovic, Australian National University, Canberra
EU Reform
An analysis of EU reform, its constitutional and  legal framework, concepts of the rule of law and legitimacy, and reasons for the reform.
(June, 2023)
Essential reading for those interested in questions of justice and cultural representation, Land/Relations speaks to and moves beyond the critical junctures in the study of Canadian literatures today.
(April, 2023)
This book analyzes the politics of global governance by looking at how global policymaking actually works.
(March, 2023)
From Space debris to asteroid strikes to anti-satellite weapons, humanity's rapid expansion into Space raises major environmental, safety, and security challenges.
(April, 2023)
"I highly recommend Donald Howes as an indexer. Communication was prompt and clear, he was attentive to important details, and his close readings of the manuscript yielded subtle relationships among the headings. I am especially grateful for his ability to work with foreign language names and terms, and he delivered the index in a timely fashion." Catherine Benamou, Associate Professor, UC-Irvine.
This book examines the  transmission, production, and reception of Spanish- and  Portuguese-language television in four global cities.

In nineteenth-century England, legal conceptions of work and family changed in fundamental ways.
"Don produced an accurate, meticulous index for our Handbook of the Anthropology of Technology with 39 chapters. He worked very fast and adapted easily to the particular subject area and language, and we had a good dialogue around various issues and special requests. In other words, it was a pleasure working with Don, and we can only recommend his work."  Maja Hojer Bruun, Associate Professor, Aarhus University.

An essential resource for all students and scholars interested in the history of witchcraft, witchcraft trials, transnationality, cultural exchanges, and gender in early modern Northern Europe.
This Handbook offers an overview, in 39 chapters, of the diverse field of anthropological studies of technology.

Index is available for download here.
"Donald Howes has performed a very good work with the Index of my book The Voices of Women in Witchcraft Trials: Northern Europe. The work is accurate and solid." Liv Helene Willumsen, Professor Emerita of History, University of Tromsø.

Trade Indexes

You want to write a nonfiction book that matters. A book readers  love and rave about. A book they underline, dog-ear, and highlight. A must-read.
Communications expert Sandy Gerber reveals how, by understanding  the Four Emotional Magnets that motivate people to listen and act, she  transformed her relationships-and how you can do the same.
"I was so impressed at how Don could take the web of wide-ranging concepts and ideas in the book and organize them into a coherent, simple, and accessible index." Steven Kowalski, Creative Together
In our era of rapid change and technological disruption, we're being called on to innovate like never before.
Apply the principles of neuromanagement within an organizations to create sustainable change.
(January, 2023)
From RealNetworks to Rosetta Stone to Expedia, Matt Hulett has steered  start-ups and large companies into renewed areas for growth and driven  more than $2 billion in value creation.
You risked it all, and now you’re  reaping the rewards of all your hard work. Investment opportunities  are coming at you from all directions, with promises of high returns  and big rewards. It seems like you can’t lose. Or can you?
"Don was able to find topic threads that even I had not envisioned while writing my book. I was very happy with his thoughtful, comprehensive work." Geoff Saab, Low Risk Rules
From hamburgers to meatballs, briskets to ribeyes, the average American eats nearly sixty pounds of beef every year.
Challenge the narratives you tell yourself, both those that are reinforced by society and those of your own making.
"Wow, what a big piece of work that is. I marvelled at how Don summarized some of my work into new phrases to capture in the index." Tammy Heermann, Reframe Your Story

Sample Indexes

The purpose of this handbook is to provide a service to the serious amateur and the small commercial winemaker by presenting analytical laboratory procedures in a direct, easy-to-follow manner.
Cosmos Mindeleff authors the first major report on the archaeological ruins in Canyon de Chelly and its subsidiary canyons. An important early work on Ancestral Puebloan archaeology.
A memoir by Charlie Martin, Company Sergeant-Major of A Company, The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada. The memoir covers the actions of A Company from Charlie's viewpoint, starting with the D-Day landing and continuing until his wounding in Holland in 1945.
In 1906, southern Saskatchewan was filling with settlers. D.E. Macintyre, realizing the homesteaders would need supplies, hired a bicycle in Moose Jaw and rode out to a crossroads called Tuxford. Tuxford didn't exist outside the maps of the land agent, but it looked like a good place to open a store.
The First World War diaries of two Canadian airmen. Second Lieutenant John Bernard Brophy served on the Western Front during 1916 and Second Lieutenant Harold Warnica Price served in Mesopotamia from 1917 - 1919.
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