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In 1906, southern Saskatchewan was filling with settlers. D.E. Macintyre, realizing the homesteaders would need supplies, hired a bicycle in Moose Jaw and rode out to a crossroads called Tuxford. Tuxford didn't exist outside the maps of the land agent, but it looked like a good place to open a store.
The purpose of this handbook is to provide a service to the serious amateur and the small commercial winemaker by presenting analytical laboratory procedures in a direct, easy-to-follow manner.
Cosmos Mindeleff authors the first major report on the archaeological ruins in Canyon de Chelly and its subsidiary canyons. An important early work on Ancestral Puebloan archaeology.
The First World War diaries of two Canadian airmen. Second Lieutenant John Bernard Brophy served on the Western Front during 1916 and Second Lieutenant Harold Warnica Price served in Mesopotamia from 1917 - 1919.
A memoir by Charlie Martin, Company Sergeant-Major of A Company, The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada. The memoir covers the actions of A Company from Charlie's viewpoint, starting with the D-Day landing and continuing until his wounding in Holland in 1945.
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