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About Me
My Background
Academic Training
I have a BA in Archaeology from the University of Calgary and an MA in Anthropology from Washington State University. I’ve participated in or led archaeological projects across western Canada and the western United States. As a project lead, I had overall responsibility for data analysis and report preparation. I’m intimately familiar with the process and requirements for the publication of Archaeological and Anthropological research.

While I was a graduate student at WSU, I served as a TeX (typesetting mark-up language) specialist at the WSU Computing Services Center. Additionally, I wrote a column on the C programming language for The Computer Journal.
Working Life
After university, I began working in software development for companies large and small on applications as diverse as; accounting, digital ad presentation, email, voice mail and medical charting. I’ve designed, budgeted, scheduled and implemented complex projects and I’ve coordinated cross-functional teams. I’m familiar with all areas of software development, as well as the tools and languages used in the software industry.

After my software development career, I owned and operated an online antiquarian bookstore named History’s Pages. I specialized in the areas I love; Canadiana and Canadian history, early western exploration (18th and 19th century), 19th century Arctic exploration, military history and the archaeology of the Southwestern US and Central America. This online store allowed me to gain substantial knowledge in all those areas.

And – now there is indexing. I see this as a natural next step from my online store and my love of books. That, coupled with my academic background and my work experience, gives me an in-depth knowledge in numerous fields
Other Interests
Over the years I’ve taken courses in a number of areas that interest me. These include: a course on the development of a farm winery (which resulted in my creation of a 3 million dollar business plan for a winery, which was short-listed by a Vancouver venture capitalist); several seminars on oenology; a number of online courses on digital video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro and digital special effects using Adobe After Effects. All of these add to my subject matter expertise.
Subject Expertise
I am skilled in scheduling and managing complex projects, and pride myself on completing tasks on time and on budget. I enjoy the challenge of creating elegant and informative indexes in a variety of fields.

Social Sciences/History/Exploration
    • archaeology
    • anthropology

    • political science
    • public policy
    • international law

    • general history
    • Canadiana/Canadian history
    • military history

    • early exploration of the Canadian west (18th and early 19th century)
    • 19th century arctic exploration
    • 19th century African exploration.

    • astronomy.

    • software development (eg. accounting, email, medical charting)
    • software programming and interface design
    • programming languages
    • project scheduling and management
    • video editing with non-linear editors
    • video special effects.

Food & Drink
    • oenology.

University of Calgary - BA (Honours) Archaeology

Washington State University - MA Anthropology
Contracts and Implied Licence, ISC/SCI Bulletin 44, no. 1 (Spring 2022).
Canadian Copyright Law and Indexing, ISC/SCI Bulletin 43, no. 3 (Winter 2021).
A Graphics Primitive Package, The Computer Journal, #27, 1986.
Exploring Singly Linked Lists. The Computer Journal, #25, 1986.
Cougar Springs Cave (Site 5MT4797). Dolores Archaeological Program, 1986.
Quadrat Analysis in Archaeology, Advances in Computer Archaeology, 1984.
Obsidian Butcher Knives. Northwest Anthropological Research Notes, 1980.
Professional Development
 Society of Indexers
  • Active Indexing: Creating indexes for eBooks.

Indexing Society of Canada/Société canadienne d’indexation
  • The Mary Newberry Mentorship Program, ISC/SCI

 Simon Fraser University
  • Indexing: An Essential Art and Science
  • Structural Editing
Professional Societies
If you have any questions or have a project you would like to discuss, please contact me using the form on the Contact page. You can download my resume here.
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